What Can I Earn?

Whether you are looking to work full time or part time, this business opportunity provides you with the potential to grow a fantastic business and generate a HIGH income AND the really great thing about running your own business is that unlike a 9-5 job, the more you put into it, the more you will get out!

Js Dance Factory can provide you with the vehicle to take control of your own destiny – it is completely up to you how fast you want to achieve your long term ambitions.  Every franchisee will grow their business slightly differently but the numbers will depend on your drive to achieve your goals and aspirations.

We provide you with full training and support to help you grow your business and we will share with you proven strategies and marketing tactics.

The business model available has generated tens of thousands of pounds, all from the comfort of your own home.

From experience we know that the success of a franchise area is down to the attitude and characteristics of the people running it and because we want our franchisees to be successful, we are selective over who we allow to join our network.

Our successful franchisees share the same core characteristics.

  • Great attitude and ambition.
  • A desire to develop long term relationships with the kids who attend the classes and their parents
  • Friendly and enjoy meeting new people
  • Passionate about the standard of service and environment each class provides.

If you have these key characteristics and if you follow ALL of the advice shared, show a commitment to succeed, we can GUARANTEE that this franchise will work for you.

From all the years our experts have of operating this business model we can show you, exactly what your costs will be and providing you follow everything we share with you exactly what your net profits will be.

One child can generate you around £30 each per month. With thousands of children within each franchise territory the earning potential is significant. Knowing that by building a loyal customer base parents will continue to send their children to you year after year puts you in great control of your finances.

Also don’t forget shows, exams and teacher training referrals offers great additional revenue streams into your business.

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